The best Korean dramas for beginner recommended by Koreans

The Best 5 K-Drama recommended by Koreans

Are you interested in Korean dramas? If you are worried about what kind of drama to watch first, check out this drama recommended by Koreans. I am Korean, so please understand about English grammar.

1. Descendants of the Sun(태양의 후예)

It is a drama that has made great success in Korea as well as in the world. The main character Song Jung-ki, Song Hye-kyo, actually got married and became a hot issue. Especially in Thailand and China.

Descendants of the Sun

2. My Love From The Star(별에서 온 그대)

This drama caused a craze of Korean chicken + beer in China. The Chinese senior officials have wondered why China could not make such a drama. This drama has spread Korea 's chicken + beer culture all over the world.

My Love From The Star

3. The Heirs(상속자들)

A romantic story which involved hardships, friendships, and rivalries of young, rich heirs led by Kim Tan and a girl named Cha Eun-Sang.18-year-old Eun-Sang lives with her mother who is mute. Main Acto Lee Minho will be reborn as a world star in this drama.

The Heirs

4. Coffee Prince(커피 프린스)

If you watch a drama 'Goblin', you must watch this drama. This drama was made in 2007, and you can see the younger days of the main character 'Gong Yoo'.

Coffee Prince

5. Goblin(도깨비)

Since the show was broadcasted in Korea, it has attracted a great deal of attention for overseas people. Ten years have passed since coffee prince, but the figure of the actor 'Gong Yoo' has not changed. Gong Yoo may have been a goblin.



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