The First Couple from Superstar-K(Seo In-kook & Park Boram)

The First Couple from Superstar-K

The First Couple from Superstar-K

Singer Seo In-kook and Park Boram admitted that they are lovers. Seo In-kook's agency, BS Co. said, "Seo In-kook is in love with Park Boolam for 1 year and 6 months," he said. The media reported that Seo In-kook and Park Boram were in love for a year and a half.

▼This couple have the same thing as a singer from Mnet 'Superstar K'. Seo In-kook was the winner of Season 1, and Park Boram debuted in the top 10 of the season.

Seo In-kook

▼The two, who are seven years old and younger, were among the 'best friends' who know each other better than usual. Last October when Park's mother died, Seo In-guk stood beside Park Bo-ram, who was having a hard time.

Park Boram

▼An official familiar with the two said, "I could feel the truth of Seo In-kyung's actions toward Park Boram." He added, "I have often said that Seo In-guk is not going to be worthwhile, and I should not have a hard time."

▼Subsequently, Seo In-kook expanded his field of activity as an actor. He has actively acted as an actress, appearing in 'Respond 1997,' 'High School King,' '38 task force' and 'Shopping King Louis'. Park boram was 'Pretty', 'I want to love', 'Why are you?' He is also active as a drama OST. Recently, he participated in tvN drama 'Wise Bambil Life' OST.


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